Different ways of marriage in the world

Marriage :

Marriage is a language derived from the source of marriage, but the term is defined as the lawful attachment of men to women. Marriage is also a union of social and legal qualities between a man and a woman. Globally, a range of personal functions and activities, such as consumption, distribution of work among individuals, production, the fulfillment of personal needs, promotion of social affection and welfare, childcare, and provision of appropriate social education.


Different ways of marriage in the world

There are many ways of marriage that are based on a set of customs and traditions of each tribe and people.


Marriage in China

There are many marriage habits in China and the strangest habit of concealing the bride; where the engagement takes place between the spouses in a group of Chinese areas invisibly; The door of the room to see the bride, and if he liked it take her with him to his house, and if he does not like leave it with her family.

Spread among Tibetan tribes Chinese strange way in marriage ; where ascend the bride to the high tree, and wants to marry her must climb the tree, but stand the bride down the tree family and trying to prevent the young man who wants to marry her access to them using sticks, and if able to climb The tree and access to the bride can marry her and get her family’s trust.


Marriage in Indonesia

Some Indonesian tribes prohibit the bride to walk on the floor on her wedding day; therefore forced her father to carry her home to the home of her husband , whatever the distance, as spreads on Java island in Indonesia ‘s tradition depends on coloring the bride of her teeth using black color on her wedding day, as follows She has to wash her husband’s feet to indicate that she is willing to be obedient and always serve him.


Marriage in India

Wedding celebrations in India are influenced by the rituals prevailing there. The distribution of sweets and gifts between the groom and bride families is often celebrated. The Indian wedding often begins with a ceremony inside the bride’s family home prior to the main wedding; the bride is adorned with jewelry; Roses around their necks; in order to signify the bride’s acceptance of marriage to the groom.


Marriage in Japan

Wears the bride in Japan uniforms kimono white and put a lid on her head, according to the beliefs of the Japanese covered bride white cover; even hide her jealousy towards her mother, and a confirmation of its consent to be wife obedient, then sipping the groom and the bride drink traditional sake even be a sign of their union together.


Marriage in Jamaica

The marriage in Jamaica is a collective celebration, in which most of the village’s inhabitants participate. Everyone is gathered to plan the wedding. The bride wears a traditional white dress at the wedding. The cakes bake on the wedding day, and married women wear white dresses, carry sweets with them and head to the wedding venue. The reception is usually held near the groom’s house in a place made of roses and coconut branches.


Marriage in Germany

Preparation for marriage in Germany begins early in life, depending on the tradition associated with the birth of the child, where a group of trees is planted at the child’s mother, and these trees are sold with the choice of a specific date for marriage, the idea of ​​this tradition is to use the money earned from the price of trees as a dowry for the girl, the wedding ceremony in Germany includes three sections, namely:

  • The first day is the day the couple celebrates in the city hall.
  • Day 2: A celebration that brings neighbors and friends together, based on a tradition of breaking old dishes in order to bring good luck.
  • The third day is a religious celebration that depends on the presence of a girl carrying roses and accompanying the bride; until the flowers are scattered before her to bring good luck to her and the groom.


Marriage in Cuba

While people are going to the wedding in Cuba, they are keen to dance and play music on their way. The wedding dress must be expensive to be the best, usually embroidered in satin or silk. In order to help the couple pay for their honeymoon.


Marriage in Norway

Wears the bride in a wedding, Norway wedding with a white dress, adorned with gold and silver, wearing a crown of gold on her head, and contains a collection of small loops issued ring according to a spread in the habits of Norway ; where he contributes her voice music in the escape of the evil spirits of the bride, The groom wears a traditional wool suit, called Bondas, and the Norwegian wedding cake is made from bread covered with cream and cheese.


Marriage in America

America is characterized by a diversity of festive traditions because of the spread of many cultures in American society, and most aspects of the American wedding are often of European nature, and the tradition of American weddings throw a wedding bouquet for a man or attendance of participants in the ceremony.

Marriage Habits in Guinea

In Guinea, the bride swims naked in the water, until someone gives her a piece of cloth. This shows that she liked it.

Marriage Habits in Malay

A man who wants to marry a woman with her lives in the same house for two years without touching her by the Malay tribes

Marriage Habits in Greenland

The groom goes to the bride’s house on the night of the wedding in the countryside of Greenland Island and drags her hair out of her house until they arrive at the wedding venue.


Marriage Habits on the Pacific Island of Hawan

The dowry of the bride is a group of mice on the Pacific island of Hawan, and the amount of mice varies according to the beauty of the bride

Marriage Habits on Java Island

The groom and the bride must present 25 mouse guilt to obtain a marriage license in South Java; the ruler of Java imposed these fees to get rid of mice that threaten rice crops

Marriage customs in Scotland

The girlfriends of the bride put garbage, tar and egg mold on the bride to be the ugliest form in Scotland;


Marriage habits in Falcija

No girl can marry unless a strange condition is to bring her fiance two minds from the fingers of her mother’s right in the tribe Valkija, and this is proof of her acceptance of marriage.


Marriage habits in Mauritania

Brides are encouraged to gain as much weight as possible before the wedding in Mauritania; the more weight the bride has, the greater the chance of getting a well-off husband, and there are some places that help the bride gain weight before the wedding.


Marriage Habits in South India

The bride takes her groom to the forest where they are alone and ignites a fire and ironing the groom’s back in southern India.


Marriage habits in Chinese Tibet

The bride ascends on a tree in Tibetan Chinese tribes, and those who want her sermon must climb and reach the tree. In addition, the bride’s family is under the tree with sticks to prevent them from climbing, and the person who succeeds in climbing the tree and holding the bride’s hand marries her.


Marriage Habits in Ireland

The Irish bride must not lift her feet off the ground so that the fairies do not kidnap her, because the bride is the most beautiful thing on earth on her wedding day and the Irish fear that the fairies will steal her.


Marriage Habits in African Jubies

The girl pierced her tongue in the African tribe of Jubis, then put a long thread and hold the husband to the end of the thread if disturbed by his wife chatter pulls the thread to stop talking.

Marriage habits in the Cook Islands

The youth of the village lies on the ground on their stomachs in the Cook Islands, and the bride walks on the backs of the youth until they reach the wedding venue.

Marriage Habits in Somalia

The bridegroom severely beats his bride during the wedding ceremony in Somalia, in order to announce to the audience that he will be Mr. Al-Mutaa at home.

Marriage Habits in Burma

The bride is thrown to the ground in Burma, then an old man pierced her ears.

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